dependent love Shanghai external links is relatively small, the correlation of the page is more sensitive, mainly reflected in, appears in the correct position page keywords help ranking, but the key words are piling up more easily lead to punish. Compared with the noble baby will not because the keyword appears several times to give good rankings, not because of the number of keywords for punishment.

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for the optimization of different search engines, the principle is the same, the basic method is similar, but different in some detail. The future trend of different search engines are more and more similar, Shanghai Longfeng personnel should consider more similar to search engine. As long as the fundamental principle to seize the Shanghai dragon, do the basic optimization, in general all the search engine rankings are good, different search engines have different nuances of ranking is normal, but for a good website, there is not much difference.

love Shanghai ranked often change radically and noble, baby on the website of the ranking is gradual, steady growth in a few months time. Fall in love with the sea ranking might disappear overnight. To compare the value of love Shanghai website update, continue to increase the content of law often can effectively improve the ranking of Shanghai in love. To update the nobility baby are not so sensitive, of course, continue to update is certainly a good thing. In general。 The essence of the search engine, there is no difference, as long as you do the basic optimization work on it.

noble baby external links very seriously, the content of the page is not so sensitive. Often see row on the first page of the page, keywords on the page does not appear once, some have appeared ten times. But it is recommended that you put the keyword density control in 2% to 8%. The number of words in the noble baby, appear on the page in the location, no obvious and regular preference. See the top of dozens of pages of external links, in front of the row is usually in the back row of the external links of high quality, the number of more.

included in the hand, easy nobility baby included the new website, a new website, if there is a chain of several relatively good, noble baby will soon be included in the new website, the website content is reproduced in the article is not original, the impact is not too large. But there is a sandbox, the noble baby included easily, want to get good rankings is more difficult. Love Shanghai opposite, the new site let love Shanghai included is a problem to need a relatively long period. But once they are included, easier to obtain ranking and traffic. The original site at the beginning of the more important for the love of Shanghai.

love Shanghai more value on the home page, the page is relatively minor, and the noble baby on all pages equally, no matter is also home page in the search results page, return to nobility baby to. To get good rankings in love Shanghai, but need to be home, therefore may influence the website structure and different keyword distribution on the website of the treatment.