second: the new content, website optimization website content is king, so that the rich content is very important, new content is small, which requires us to collect more around the keywords of the article, and then processed into their own articles and then released, this release is not just released, but must have the law, for enterprise stand for a day time regular 1-2 on the keywords of the article can be, this station is my wedding photography class, I usually go to help customers find some articles with other industry websites, then add your own opinions after the release, regularly publish articles for the spider to climb the station is also very helpful,.

after a successful optimization of several stations, feel in the Shanghai dragon also slightly experience, here with my recent optimization keyword "Qingdao wedding photography", said to the five points for attention about how to do the work of the new Shanghai dragon, I hope you can help, first, it should be stressed the new optimization must be fully optimized, not only the optimization part want keywords have a good ranking, this is not realistic, new optimization must be fully optimized, a new station to do a comprehensive optimization I summed up the following five points, if you are weak in some aspects. Please focus on it, so for your prompt and effective promotion of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect will have a very big help.

is the first to optimize the layout page, page layout as far as possible the use of DIV+CSS to layout page, if your page is not very complex, TABLE is not much of an impact, but the point to note is not TABLE nested TABLE as far as possible, this is a taboo. The other is to use H1 H2 STRONG label, highlighting the keywords, do the work to be done at the same time also set a good keyword density and layout, key to control the density of between 4-10%, some people might say online is not to say that 2-8%? People experience 4-10% is a new keyword density is reasonable density, I the station of Qingdao wedding photography of the word keyword density is 10%, keyword density set up the reasonable layout of the next step is to not stack keywords, reasonable and uniform The distribution is very important. There is a set of title, keywords, description, the Internet has a very detailed explanation here but much description.

third: do the work within the chain, do the chain is to make the site to form a network extending in all directions, the purpose is to let the spider is very convenient to catch, do here is the site map (WEB version and the version of the XML), in addition there is a direct link to the column, especially some flash guide page website Web site within the chain is more important.

The first point:

fourth: that is outside the chain, it is important to make links in Sina and other portals on a blog, and also to do regular updates articles, which is provided.